Born and raised in a small town of Mississippi, cooking has always been a family staple. No matter the circumstances, food with love made everything alright.  


     Practically raised in the kitchen, my Grandmother took me at age nine to seriously begin my tutelage into my unforeseen, life long future of cooking and baking. From kneading dough for homemade biscuits, smothered with buttermilk fried chicken gravy, to dumplings for stews, and buttery, sweet peach cobbler. Overcoming the height challenge by standing on a old straw woven chair over the stove. I would stir the milk not to scorch, to make the sweet, lemony tart custard for the pies... Just like her mother taught her, it was continued tradition that I was receiving. At the time I didn't know or even realize that one day I would embrace these skills of preparation and technique in such fondness, laid in generations long before me...


     Therefore it does me PROUD to be able to share our long line of family traditional cooking with you here at BECK'S CONFECTIONS! From pie fillings and custards, to purees, and seasonings, we have something to excite everyone's taste buds with our specialty line of products. We here to help "You Be the HERO" in you cooking and creating experience.